Sweet Tea Scones

Sweet tea meets scone and the sweet tea glaze is to die for.

Sweet Tea Scones with a sweet tea glaze. This is the best tasting scone I've had yet!

I’ve already shared my undying love for sweet tea in my blueberry pomegranate lemonade iced tea, but today I’m going with something a little less exotic. These sweet tea scones are for my sweet tea lovers. Don’t tell anyone, but I was eating the sweet tea glaze by the spoonfuls. I would do it again too!

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Blackberry Key Lime Pie and Giveaway!

Blackberry Key Lime Pie - Sweet and Tart Twist on a classic Key Lime Pie. It's creamy and gorgeous to look at.

This blackberry key lime pie had to happen. I love blackberries especially if it doesn’t involve the seeds. After seeing a few recipes pairing blackberries and lime together, I took the plunge myself. I couldn’t have made a more beautiful pie. It was so stinkin’ pretty.

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S'mores Mug Cake - The perfect summer dessert. It's quick, easy, and full of flavor. Graham cracker crumbs, chocolate bits, and perfectly toasted marshmallows on top.

S’mores Mug Cake

This s’mores mug cake has graham cracker crumbs in it, mallow bits, chocolate chunks and a nice pile of toasted mini marshmallows to top it off with. It’s only natural that I add a s’mores mug cake to my collection of recipes. It’s the perfect microwavable cake. It’s tender and full of flavor. The graham…

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Blueberry Almond Shortbread Bars - buttery shortbread bars full of dried wild blueberries, chopped blueberry almonds and almond paste. The perfect chewy bar.

Blueberry Almond Shortbread Bars

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. As always, all opinions are my own.  Let’s take a minute to admire the color of these blueberry almonds. They have an intense blueberry flavor too! They make the perfect addition to these blueberry almond shortbread bars. The shortbread is buttery and chewy. The dried wild blueberries…

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No-Bake Twinkie Pumpkin Pie - A delicious layered pumpkin spice dessert. Twinkies, cream cheese, whipped cream, pumpkin and spice, what's not to love? It's so simple to make.

No-Bake Twinkie Pumpkin Pie

Who’s a Twinkie lover? I’ve got a no-bake Twinkie pumpkin pie dessert for you today. It’s actually from the book The Twinkies Cookbook which is loaded with easy and simple sweet and savory recipes. It’s getting close to pumpkin season, so I couldn’t resist! I wanted to review this book for you and so I had…

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Deep Dish Black & Blue Berry Pie - blackberries and blueberries come together and make the perfect mini deep dish pie. No sharing required!

Deep Dish Black & Blue Berry Pie

Who needs an adorable mini deep dish black & blue berry pie? I do. Not only are these little pies so darn cute, but you don’t have to share your pie. One of my favorite things about this pie is the amount of pie crust that you get with it! I’m a sucker for pie…

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Flaky Pie Dipping Sticks - The perfect snack for pie crust lovers. They're incredibly flaky and lightly sweetened. One of my favorite snacks!

Flaky Pie Dipping Sticks

It’s pie baking season. Both summer berries and the beginning of fall flavors so I had to share with you one of my favorites! These flaky pie dipping sticks are crispy, crumbly, lightly sweetened and amazing in some dipping sauce. I know I’ve told you 100 times that I love to dip things. I paired…

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Fig Cheesecake Shortbread Bars - Fig Bars meet cheesecake in this amazing bar. It's a must try!

Fig Cheesecake Shortbread Bars

Here’s a secret. I love figs. Fresh, dried and in spread form. So, when I was sent fig spread from Orchard Choice to use in a recipe. Being so exited, I jumped in the kitchen and made these fig cheesecake shortbread bars. They taste fantastic. The center is like the center of a fig newton,…

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