Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

A couple weeks ago I threw together some baked goods in a basket for my cousin's benefit. I knew I wasn't going to be able to go since I was a bride's maid in my best friend's wedding. The least I could do is donate something tasty to get people buying tickets for the auction. I wanted something easy, but so incredibly tasty. That's how these chocolate chip pudding cookies happened. I actually found this recipe on Cookies & Cups. I did spruce mine up with french vanilla pudding, chocolate chunks, and fall sprinkles. The left overs that didn't make it into the boxes to go to the benefit were also a big hit with the family. That pudding does wonders.   The cookies are soft, chewy, and 100% gone. It seems like as soon as I start to actually write my posts for my recipes, I immediately miss the cookies. I just want one more to have and to hold.. and devour. I would even probably take a half kid-handled one that's been horrible mangled. Who am I kidding.. I would … [Read more...]

Reese’s Oreo Truffles

Reese's Oreo Truffles

Truffles. with Oreos and a baby Reese's in the middle. Whose attention do I have now? Yours. Good! So, I finally got my hands on some Reese's Oreo's. Well, to be honest, the husband got his hands on these Oreo's first. Almost all of them, actually. Luckily, after sneaking them, he was generous enough to leave me 12 cookies. Who am I kidding.. I just beat him to the rest of the cookies. He must have literally stood in the kitchen and ate the Oreo's. Tricky man. His excuse for inhaling my recipe cookies? You take forever to make something with the things you buy. It's true, but no means no. If you can't find the Reese's Oreo cookies, feel free to try the original Oreo's. You could also try this with other flavors and coordinate the little candy in the center with the Oreo flavor. I would not recommend mint Oreo's with a Reese's mini peanut butter cup in the center. That gives me the heebie-jeebies just typing it. Yuck.. You need to try these Reese's Oreo Truffles. Try … [Read more...]

Sunday’s Recipe Wrap-up Link Party #14

Sunday Recipe Wrap-up!

  Thank you everyone that keeps coming back each week with amazing recipes and sharing them! I've started a newsletter for my forgetful people, if we have any joining us. This is completely optional! Each Sunday morning an e-mail will be sent out to your e-mail to let you know the Sunday Recipe Wrap-up Link Party is live! It will also feature the current week's most clicked post. Look for the form down below!   I’m featuring last week’s most clicked recipe!  The Creepiest Halloween Food Ever! via Dreaming of Leaving   Here are the rules! 1. Only post recipes from the current week (10/20 - 10/26) and the posts have to be yours. It can be how ever many that you posted in the current week. 2. Add a link or button on your blog that leads back to Sunday's Recipe Wrap-up or spread the word on social media. 3. Be sure to check out other recipes that have linked up! <a href=""><img … [Read more...]

3 Ingredient Maple Walnut Apple Dip

{3 Ingredient} Maple Walnut Apple Dip

This summer ..ish we spent time with some family. They had some of the best maple walnut apple dip. I fell in love almost immediately. Of course, I craved it long after it was gone. What was a girl to do other than try to recreate some maple walnut dip? Mine was a little more walnut-y than the dip that I craved, but I love walnuts. It was working for me. I don't know how available maple cream is for everyone, but you need it. Hunt it down. Immediately. Like now! Also, get apples. Having a 3 year old around while preparing pictures can be trying, especially when the 3 year old loves the food that you're using. Lucian happens to be a huge apple lover. Of course, I was more than happy to share with him (like I had a choice). In a blink of an eye, an apple slice would disappear and loud giggles would begin. Kids! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:161] *You will need a food processor to make the walnut butter. … [Read more...]

The Witch’s Cauldron Cookies

The Witch's Cauldron Cookies

I love Halloween. So when the Creative Cookie Exchange's theme was Halloween Cookies, I was in my glory. Somehow the pictures looked way cooler in my head though. Regardless of the lack of spooky factor, I get an A+ on taste! The cookie is loaded with creme de menthe goodness. The top is a mint marshmallow and underneath that.. is Andes mints! The cookie is a chocolate sugar cookie. So really, this is a banging grasshopper cookie. See? Hey, do the see the awesome bubbles in the cauldrons on the ends? Pretty cool, huh? I must have gotten air in my marshmallow goo that I piped into the cookies. I love it! The cookie is soft and super chocolaty. I made a fire under a few of my cauldron's with pretzels. I kind of dig it. It's the next best thing to actually going out and hunting down some twigs. I wanted to put "double double toil and trouble" on this bottom picture. It was stuck in my brain, but I finally decided against it. I always thought it was … [Read more...]

Sunday’s Recipe Wrap-up #13

Sunday Recipe Wrap-up!

Hey guys! We're on the big number 13 Sunday's Recipe Wrap-up! It's been a super busy Saturday here, but I'm finally sitting down to write up the post! While Lucian was taking a nap, Wesley and I strung up tons of Halloween lights in the house. He loved the strand of pumpkin lights I put on the T.V. stand, so we surprised him with lights all over. We normally put them up outside (like normal people), but Lucian doesn't get to enjoy them as much. So this year we changed it up. Another headliner story, I finally made it to Target and got this awesome Jif whips peanut butter with pumpkin spice. My friend, Rebecca, from Living Better Together told me about it. Thanks, girl! I cannot wait to dig in that with a ginormous spoon.   I’m featuring last week’s most clicked recipe! Paleo Pastries: Eclairs via Gigi Eats Celebrities Here are the rules! 1. Only post recipes from the current week (10/13 - 10/19) and the posts have to be yours. It can be how ever many that … [Read more...]

Apple Fritters!

Apple Fritters

I'm going a little apple crazy this week. It's okay. Apples are in season. That's my excuse. My lovely cousin had posted on her Facebook, these down right delicious looking apple fritters that she had made. Immediately, I needed some. I have a weakness for apple fritters. Wayyy back in the day when I was a senior in high school we got delicious donuts once a month. My go-to donut..ish? Yep, the apple fritter. They were so big and generously coated with cinnamon and a glaze. Mine are just a touch different, but just as good. I love the crispy edges of the fritters and the cinnamon sugar coating. I didn't add a glaze, because I didn't want my crisp edges to get soft.   These fritters are incredibly easy to make. If you would like a few more apples in your fritters, feel free to add another half a cup. The recipe is pretty flexible.   [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:159] … [Read more...]

Apple Peanut Butter Crumble

Apple Peanut Butter Crumble

I can eat peanut butter pretty much on anything. When I was little my brother would hook me up with apples and peanut butter. He actually introduced me to the combination and it's been a go-to snack for me since. I now fix my little guy apples with peanut butter. When I got a little apple crazy at the farmer's market, I knew I wanted to make something that included peanut butter. So what's better than to load a heap of peanut butter and apples into a crumble? Yeah, nothing. It adds a nice smooth and thick texture to the crumble. Everyone should try this apple peanut butter crumble. My family really enjoyed it. I.. really enjoyed it. Probably too much. I really wanted to go apple picking this year, it didn't happen. I'm not sure where the time went the past two months, but it disappeared quickly. Now we're creeping up on Halloween, and we've still haven't started working on Lucian's costume.   If you're wondering what he wants to be this year, it's a … [Read more...]

Sunday’s Recipe Wrap-up Link Party #12

Sunday Recipe Wrap-up!

What a crazy week. I feel like I'm playing catch up and I'm not sure why. I think.. well, I know it's mostly because I am a professional procrastinator. I would much rather watch youtube videos and pin delicious recipes than do adult things. Who's with me on that? I got my mama's birthday cake made. It's pretty awesome that all my cakes that I make for people come with a slice pre-cut. Food blogger problems, I know. Regardless, it's still tasty and people (mom and dad) still enjoy the cake. Can you help me reach my goal for links in our link up this week? I'm hoping to hit 20 entries! Tell the world that they need to link up! Now, onto that featured post. I’m featuring last week’s most clicked recipe!  Caramel Raisin Bread Pudding via Cookie Dough & Oven Mitt (Me!) Here are the rules! 1. Only post recipes from the current week (10/6 - 10/12) and the posts have to be yours. It can be how ever many that you posted in the current week. 2. Add a link or … [Read more...]