Watermelon Fizz

This post was sponsored by Fresh From Florida as part of Influencer Activation for Influence Central.Watermelon Fizz - an easy bright and refreshing drink packed full of watermelon, lime, and ginger ale!

I’ve been working on some tasty drinks lately starting with this watermelon fizz. I love watermelon so much and it’s like my idea simple summer dessert. It’s very nostalgic for me. I wanted to try my hand on doing a little something more with my watermelon this year. If you missed my watermelon sorbet I made last month, that was my first recipe I shared with watermelon!

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Sweet Tea Ice Cream + Giveaway

Sweet Tea Ice Cream - tea infused ice cream for all of my sweet tea lovers!

Okay, I love tea of any kind. I had this brilliant idea to infuse my tea into ice cream and make a sweet tea ice cream. Of course, you have to be a sweet tea lover to dig this unique ice cream, but c’mon! It’s genius, right? Yeah, I thought so. I like that it doesn’t take long to infuse the tea flavor and it gives the ice cream a gorgeous color. I’m all about pretty colors, if you haven’t noticed.

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Peanut Butter Lovers Ice Cream - peanut butter ice cream with peanut and hot fudge swirls and bits of Reese's Pieces.

Peanut Butter Lovers Ice Cream + Giveaway

Guess what?? I’ve made a peanut butter lovers ice cream! You know I’m a peanut butter crazed person so it’s only natural that when I was asked by my friend Amanda to join her ice cream week that one of the recipes would be stuffed full of peanut butter. Not only are we doing a…

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Maple Bacon Overnight Cinnamon Rolls - plan and make ahead breakfast! cinnamon rolls topped with the best maple coffee glaze and bacon bits!

Maple Bacon Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

Do we have any people that are organized and love to plan ahead? These maple bacon overnight cinnamon rolls will make your morning! They can be made the day before and popped into the fridge for the morning. I’m not organized nor do I plan ahead well, but when it comes to cinnamon rolls I…

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Grilled Tortilla Chips and Hummus - make your own chips and season them too! These are the perfect grilling chips for a cookout. They're done in minutes! Don't forget the homemade hummus!

Grilled Tortilla Chips and Hummus

This post is sponsored by Santa Rita Wines. As always, all opinions are my own. Want to impress your guests at your next cookout? These grilled tortilla chips and hummus dip will have everyone raving. Grab a glass of wine and get to work on the grill. You’ll want your chips to be golden brown…

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Tangerine Cream Pie - a delicious gingersnap crust with a tangerine curd filling and a whipped cream topping!

Tangerine Cream Pie

So, I’m in love with the name of this pie. Tangerine Cream Pie. It has a ring to it doesn’t it? So, I went on a hunt for tangerines awhile back for this recipe. They weren’t in season, but I did not care. I paid the extra and got myself some out of season tangerines…

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Lasagna Grilled Cheese - all the delicious cheesy ingredients can be found inside this grilled cheese. It's slightly messy but the best grilled cheese I've ever had!

Lasagna Grilled Cheese

Sometimes, I get these brilliant ideas for recipes for things other than desserts. It happened just the other day with this lasagna grilled cheese. I was trying to think of something to make with Ragu other than a full on dinner recipe. Because my favorite sauce dish is and has always been lasagna, that kept…

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Grilled Peach Pies - delicious grilled peaches packed inside a pie crust and grilled until golden brown!

Grilled Peach Pies

  Have you ever tried a grilled pie or a grilled peach? If not, you need to try these grilled peach pies. They have to be watched closely, but they are cooked in minutes! The pie crust has a slight little crunch and the peaches are warm, sweet, and slightly caramelized.